Alec Baldwin Stalker Exiled from Amagansett?

Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Thomas and Alec Baldwin. Photo by: Theo Wargo/NBC

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas haven’t had an easy week, but they did receive a snippet of good news on Valentine’s Day when the Manhattan Criminal Court suggested his accused stalker stay out of Amagansett for the next two years.

French Canadian model Genevieve Sabourin came to court looking to put an ugly harassment charge behind her, but it’s unlikely she expected to find exile from Baldwin‘s East End hamlet as part of her plea deal. The New York Post reported that Sabourin intended to plead guilty for sending the actor a “series of creepy, threatening emails” after the two had a brief romance in 2010, but she refused to plead after learning she wouldn’t be allowed in Amagansett.

The deal, which is still being negotiated, stipulates that Sabourin would receive no jail time and her harrassment conviction would be dismissed if she receives counseling and remains on good behavior—including staying out of Amagansett entirely and remaining 10 blocks from Baldwin, his pregnant wife, her yoga studio, their Manhattan apartment and NBC studios, where he is currently developing new TV shows—for the next two years.

Defense lawyer Rick Pasacreta said Sabourin needed to resolve some of the “hoops” she would be expected to jump through before pleading. In the meantime, the deal was tabled until at least  April 8, the next date for a possible plea.

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