Calling in Positive Energy

Particles of stagnant energy that can hold you back or keep you stuck cannot withstand the power of conscious intention. The frequency of the positive energy is increased to a higher vibration when you perform our Intention Ritual.

You can use your voice to help you clear your space. Say each line of the following chant with conviction:

Fresh and clean, with energy pure,
The useless ways are now obscure.
A brand-new life, I start today.
I vibe my sadness out—away!
I welcome what will come to me
With growth and opportunity.

Breath in and out deeply. Smile. Clap your hands. This is also a traditional way of calling positive energies to come assist you.

Visualize in vivid detail what you expect from your new beginning, and see new opportunities unfolding for you.

You may soon be surprised at the changes you see occurring in your life. Enjoy!

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