Eva Moore Publishes “Lucky Ducklings”

Lucky Ducklings cover

Montauk children’s book author Eva Moore published her latest book, Lucky Ducklings: A True Rescue Story, this month. The story, illustrated by Christopher Award-winner Nancy Carpenter, is about a mother duck who loses her five little babies down a storm drain.

Mama’s little ducklings get separated when they fall through the storm drain slats, but three firemen and a pickup truck rush to their rescue. The book shares an environmental message with its young readers through images of garbage and litter in the ducks’ town, and by showing the ducklings filthy and disheveled when they emerge from the storm drain. The ducks even talk about eating the gross refuse, which should help open a dialogue with kids about litter and the environmental impacts.

Even better, this incident and the heartfelt rescue effort by local firemen, actually happened in Montauk back in 2000.

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