Ganeaux Boutique, Amagansett

I’ve heard Ralph Lauren and Calypso referred to as “lifestyle” brands; they channel and inspire a certain way of living. Certainly Ralph Lauren invokes a longing for a great estate, thoroughbred horses, cashmere wraps, polished silver, and New Year’s Eve parties that involve long black satin gowns and tuxedos. Calypso just makes me want to move to St. Barth’s, have an all-white living room, be fluent in French, and prance around a beach (a beach that never gets cold, not even after sunset) in a paper-thin silk dress. Ganeaux, a boutique that opened this past November in Amagansett, seems to have a similar affect. Upon leaving the chic, no-frills shop on Main Street, I felt the urge to streamline my closet and medicine cabinet and make way for über-hip and yet thoroughly classic essentials.

Yes, I did say medicine cabinet. As a recovering product junkie, it took some major willpower not to devour the apothecary-worthy selection of face and body goodies: Shamanuti organic, “wild-crafted” hydrating and balancing skin care (perfect for nourishing and protecting your face before and after a trip to Indian Wells), raved-about fragrance oils from Hawaiian-born, Amagansett/NYC resident and Vogue cover-model Leilani Bishop, and eco-friendly bath and body wash with the bold-faced words “Stop The Water While Using Me,” on the label. Perhaps the most exciting was a Morihata Binchotan Facial Puff. Binchotan, I recently discovered, is an incredibly pure, high carbon Japanese charcoal made from oak. You may have seen this stuff floating in glass pitchers at friends’ homes, putting your Britta filter to shame. Binchotan also deflects negative ions in your environment, an added bonus to its antibacterial and blood circulation-enhancing properties.

If I were of the male gender, I’d be most interested in the Kyoku “for men” line of products made from volcanic mud, but alas, I’ll just have to get this for a man and then “borrow” it. To the list of borrow-friendly men’s items, throw in plush socks and soft shirts from Universal Works, the UK-based men’s clothing company. The Brits are known for their superb menswear, as proven to us stateside by countless BBC dramas. It doesn’t rain as often here, but we do have winter days that are cold and damp. English socks just might be the ticket.

Ganeaux itself is minimalist, although not cold or sterile. Antique shelves, the original cabinets from East Hampton Hardware, add warmth and curiosity while clean-lined wood atop metal sawhorses provides a rustic resting place for a fantastic selection of Rizzoli and Abrams books, including Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody’s Fool, a personal favorite (and now not so personal, judging by recent auction results) Gerhard Richter monograph, and a really fun one to flip through called I Want to Be Her! by Andrea Linett. Christine Ganeaux is one of the girls in the book, and certainly this comes as no surprise. Prior to opening her Amagansett shop, Ganeaux had a boutique in SoHo, and she has her own line of clothes and a unique style that resonates in her selections.

Currently hanging on the racks are all you really need for assembling a perfect outfit for stomping around Main Street: a nice pair of R13 Japanese-designed, Italian-made jeans (or was it the other way around?), a long sleeved striped shirt a la Brigitte Bardot (“la Marinière”) in the softest material imaginable, a rugged leather jacket, and handknit baby mohair and silk scarves by Ganeaux. Paired with jewelry by James Colarusso and a sleekly simplistic leather bag by Sanchez + Turcott, Voila! You’re ready to go. The result is simultaneously edgy, soft, and very cool. The essentials-only clothing selection may change soon though, as Ganeaux promises 15 additional clothing lines coming in for both men and women for the next season. With a background as an artist herself, Ganeaux also has plans for curating in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Ganeaux, 167 Main Street, Amagansett, 631-267-7717,

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