Hamptons Police Blotter: Explosions on Shelter Island

This week in the Hamptons, some pretty crazy stuff happened, much of it completely ridiculous. Our favorite police reports this week include explosion reports, a dog rescue gone bad and a punch that sent one man home with a broken hand.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A Southampton teenager was pulled over and police found her to have a suspended registration and to be in possession of marijuana. When the teen’s mother arrived at the scene, she too was found to be driving a vehicle with a suspended registration as well as a suspended drivers license.


Shelter Island

Loud explosions have been reported throughout Montauk recently and are presumed to be illegal fireworks. This past week similar reports were made on Shelter Island, but investigators found it was just Old Man McGumbus, 103 years old and former WWII artillery gunner, shooting his Howitzer into the bay.



Police are searching for the criminal who has been lighting dumpster fires in Hampton Bays and Westhampton. Reports of five separate instances have come through the wire in which a large trash bin or dumpster was set ablaze. There are a number of leads, but for the most party, they all smell a little fishy. Or charbroiled.


Dog’s Best Friend

A woman attempting to save a dog that had fallen through ice after it walked out onto a frozen pond ended up getting stuck herself in the freezing water for nearly 20 minutes. The North Sea Fire Department eventually came to the rescue of both the dog and the woman.


Why They Wear Boxing Gloves

A man in Hampton Bays punched another man directly in the face after an argument broke out over a parking space during the days of freezing cold temperatures last week. The puncher didn’t leave without an injury, however—his hands were so cold that when he connected with the other man’s face, he broke his hand.


Vase Gets You TaSed

A man in East Hampton was confronted by police officers after they arrived at his home to investigate a domestic incident. When the police attempted to arrest him, he threw a glass vase at the officers, which missed and shattered. According to reports, police then tased him and tackled him to the ground as the man continued to struggle. He was cuffed by his ankles and hands and taken into custody.


North Fork

A man on the North Fork was spotted carrying a deer off the side of the road and, when questioned, explained that the animal had been hit by a car and killed, but was a seven-point buck so he didn’t want to just leave it there.


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