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Southampton School District uniform designs created at

Design Southampton‘s new school uniform!

At a meeting late last month, the Southampton School Board suggested it begin talks with its various committees about whether or not students at all three of the district’s schools should wear uniforms.

Members of the board say they want this discussion to begin right away, and if the measure passes, there will be little time to get some good designs in place. Luckily for the Southampton School District, is on the case!

Enter Project Hallway.

Check out our designs above and below this post, then follow this link and design your own version of the new Southampton School uniform. Unfortunately, the available technology has only made girls uniforms available, but they care more about fashion anyway, right?

Follow the link to and create your own uniform design using the templates, options and colors provided. Then take a screen grab (command/shift/4 on a Mac) or download the image and submit it to us here. The best design will win a Dan’s Papers T-shirt!

Things to consider:

1. Southampton‘s school colors are maroon and white.

2. These are kids and uniforms need to be appropriate.

3. These are kids and uniforms need to be at least sort of cool and not totally lame, man.

4. Have fun!

If you are feeling especially motivated, we’ll also accept drawings. Let the designing begin!

One of our designs for Southampton's new school uniform at
A design for Southampton’s new school uniform, created at

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