Sag Harbor Director Seeks Film Funding

Paul Stoutenburgh filming Preserving Paradise
Paul Stoutenburgh filming Preserving Paradise

Yet another East Ender is funding a project through Kickstarter.

Sag Harbor resident Paul Stoutenburgh has 13 days remaining in his campaign to fund Preserving Paradise, a film about the suffering environment and the most effective solutions in tropical rainforest conservation.

The film chronicles Stoutenburgh‘s adventure to discover answers to issues of deforestation and biodiversity loss, according to his Kickstarter page. “We are off to the source to learn from local rainforest experts, conservation biologists and community leaders who are working passionately for progress,” he explains. “By sharing the stories of dedicated groups of people around the world, this film will educate viewers about current solutions and empower masses to become a part of the movement to conserve the world’s tropical rainforests.”

While Stoutenburgh and his partners have already spent $14,550 to purchase the bulk of their equipment and film in Ecuador, his Kickstarter funds would buy more camera and audio gear and facilitate trips to document more “compelling conservation stories” in the rainforests of Costa Rica and Madagascar.

The filmmaker hopes to raise his $15,000 goal by his Kickstarter deadline on Monday, March 11 at 11:11 p.m. Should he exceed his funding goals, Stoutenburgh says he’ll gain access to high performance lenses, musical compositions for the film, animated scenes and diagrams, image and color correction, perfect audio engineering and distribution around the world.

He is offering backers a variety of rewards, from access to exclusive video content and copies of the DVD, to an executive producer credit and a screening and appearance at your choice of school or institution.

On Tuesday, with just 13 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, Preserving Paradise had 50 backers and $3,268 of its $15,000 goal. Click here to find out more and consider donating on Stoutenburgh’s Kickstarter page.

Watch a preview of Preserving Paradise in the video below.

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