Sag Harbor’s Sunset Beach Farm Says Goodbye

Jon Wagner at Sunset Beach Farm
Jon Wagner at Sunset Beach Farm,

On Wednesday, Jon Wagner and Karin Bellemare, the young owners of local Community-Supported Agriculture program Sunset Beach Farm, announced they would be closing shop after nearly four years of farming and leaving Sag Harbor.

“Over the winter, Jon and I have sat down and discussed our future of farming on the East End. After thoroughly weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that we will be relocating our farm to central Vermont,” Bellemare said in a bittersweet note to their members. “As all of you know the cost of owning land, let alone a farm, on the East End is an unlikely reality.”

The couple offered apologies and referrals to other local CSAs, noting that that a number of “small scale, up and coming farms” in the area could use the support of new members. They also asked if someone would purchase their eight laying hens, which cannot make the trip north to Vermont.

Jon and I are both grateful, beyond words, at the support you have shown us. Because of you, we have been able to grow a thriving business out here and this is a place we will always call home,” Bellemare wrote. “Thank you all for being a part of our lives and our farm.”

Sunset Beach Farm is a sustainable, community-based, vegetable farm that runs a Community-Supported Agriculture program throughout their growing season. During this “ever-unpredictable winter,” Bellemare said, “The farm has been resting peacefully as its farmers sit restlessly, trying to make decisions for the upcoming season.”

To find out more before they’re gone, or if you want to buy some chickens, visit or call 631-793-7793.

Chickens at Sunset Beach Farm
Jonathan Wagner, Karin Bellemare (Sunset Beach Farm)
Jonathan Wagner, Karin Bellemare (Sunset Beach Farm)

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