The Incredible Story of the 29-Year Old Woman Who Lost Her Hand in The Hamptons

Writer Alyssa Shelasky of New York Magazine wrote a pretty amazing piece on Wednesday about Maggie Todd, a 29-year-old Princeton grad who lost her hand jet-skiing in the Hamptons over the summer.

Shelasky writes that Maggie Todd was riding on the back of a jet ski, and holding onto a rope that somebody had used earlier for water-skiing. “I was holding the rope in my left hand, when the jet-ski sped up and made a quick turn. I fell off and my hand got caught in the rope. It was immediately severed. Underwater, it felt like I might have broken my shoulder, but when I took my arm out, there was no hand.”

The story is a reminder of how quickly life can change, even for those that have the dream life of living between the Hamptons and New York City. You can check out the full story by clicking here.

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