Why Would the EPA Care About a Police Shooting Range in Southampton?

I’m sort of having a hard time understanding the news this morning that the Environmental Protection Agency visited the Southampton Village Police shooting range after they got a complaint from somebody. An investigator arrived at the range, took some soil samples and then left. Nothing was found.

Who the heck was this person that called to complain?

Why in the world would the EPA need to investigate a police firing range? What could possibly be environmentally hazardous about this beside noise pollution and some bullets. IT’S A FIRING RANGE! By definition there is going to be noise and bullets. To me this is like somebody calling the EPA to complain that there is too much gas at a gas station. After all, gas pollutes the environment, so I guess we should shut them all down. Sadly there are some loons out there that actually agree with this idea.

Maybe our police shouldn’t train with bullets because the lead in the bullets are bad for the environment and instead, they all should train with squirt guns.

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