Barbara Walters Returns to “The View”

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters. Photo, Virginia Sherwood:ABC

After a long hiatus brought on by chicken pox and a concussion, South Fork regular Barbara Walters returned to ABC’s The View this week. “I’m fine and I’m healthy,” she said.

Walters had not joined her cohosts on the talk show since January.

She fell, cutting her head and suffering a “severe concussion,” just before President Obama‘s inauguration on January 19, and was diagnosed with chicken pox a few days later. The veteran TV journalist told ABC her fall was actually a result of a fever from the as-yet-undiagnosed chicken pox.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that just one in 10,000 adults contracts chicken pox each year.

Walters’ triumphant return to The View was met with thunderous applause, cheers and a special delivery from fellow Hamptons resident and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg!

Watch the moment below.

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