Taking It Easy on the East End: Breathing Awareness and Deep Breathing

1. Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair, maintaining good posture. Your body should be as relaxed as possible. Close your eyes. Scan your body for tension.

2. Pay attention to your breathing. Place one hand on the part of your chest or abdomen that seems to rise and fall the most with each breath. If this spot is in your chest you are not utilizing the lower part of your lungs.

3. Place both hands on your abdomen and follow your breathing, noticing how your abdomen rises and falls.

4. Breathe through your nose.

5. Notice if your chest is moving in harmony with your abdomen.

6. Now place one hand on your abdomen and one on your chest.

7. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose into your abdomen. You should feel your abdomen rise with this inhalation and your chest should move only a little.

8. Exhale through your mouth, keeping your mouth, tongue and jaw relaxed.

9. Relax as you focus on the sound and feeling of long, slow, deep breaths.

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