I’m Sorry, But if Sag Harbor Loses its Last Gas Station Because of Government, You Guys Deserve it

East End gas prices could fall
Photo: Barbara Lassen

In case anybody hasn’t noticed, there is no place left to get gas in Sag Harbor except for the Harbor Heights gas station. This gas station (which I worked at for two years when I was in high school) is quite literally the PERFECT example of a run down building in desperate need of repair. And another perfect example of the government doing everything they possibly can to hurt a small business owner from becoming more profitable.

The owners of the Harbor Heights gas station, who are hard working people (not rich, greedy oil men as many in Sag Harbor will make them out to be) are trying to grow the gas station into something bigger and more profitable. The owners are willing to take an ENORMOUS risk with their own money for the benefit of every single person in Sag Harbor that drives, and officials in Sag Harbor are acting like it’s THEY who are doing the owners a favor by “allowing” them to be there. The entire reason there is a debate is because a group of people happen to like a gas station operating in a building that is held duct tape. It’s almost as if it makes them happy to watch other people suffer and struggle, all in the name of “keeping the in line with the aesthetics of Sag Harbor.”

What aesthetics is the local government talking about there? The amazing beautiful and historic Bulova building that has been literally crumbling before our very eyes for over a decade?

I have news for you idiots out there that are against this expansion. There is a real chance that this place will close down if you don’t let them grow. The Getty in Sag Harbor DID close down because of how impossible it is to make money these days running a gas station. I mean, I can’t believe I’m saying the words, “It’s nearly impossible to make money running a gas station today on Long Island.” Gas? GAS? How does that not make an owner money?

Where are you guys in Sag Harbor going to go if you need to get gas? Are you seriously going to drive all the way to Bridgehampton just to fill up? Are you seriously that bitter watching somebody trying to make themselves better? I just don’t get it. You all complain over there that there isn’t enough money for the local government to afford their own police force, but then you do everything you can to stop a potentially large taxpayer from building a healthy business that makes sense. This isn’t a Walmart that’s coming to town and destroying a waterfront to get in business. It’s a freaking gas station in desperate need of a renovation.

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