Jay Schneiderman Isn’t Going To Run For Supe in East Hampton

This news seems a bit odd to me. Jay Schneiderman, who in many people’s eyes seemed like a guaranteed shoe-in to run for Town Supervisor of East Hampton, has decided to not run.

Schneiderman was the East Hampton Town republicans top choice for the position, but he just recently announced that he isn’t going to run and that he is going to continue to work as a Legislator.

The current Supervisor of East Hampton is Bill Wilkinson, who is also choosing not to run for re-election.

As an observer of East Hampton politics the biggest, most glaring question I want to know is, why is being the Town Supervisor of East Hampton an unattractive job to these guys this time around? Schneiderman’s career as a politician speaks for itself. He’s been an outstanding leader for the Town and he has spent his professional life in the political arena. Bill Wilkinson is also a guy who has fought tooth and nail to not just get into politics, but to get elected in East Hampton, which historically has been a Town that went to the Democrats.

Schneiderman, in my mind, UNDOUBTEDLY had a very good chance of winning the election. Everybody with a pulse in East Hampton knew this. I’m sure that he knew this. So what stopped him? Is it that bad being in charge of East Hampton these days?

I sure hope not.

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