Crooked Ladder Brewing Co. Coming to Riverhead Soon


Steve Wirth, the owner of Digger’s restaurant in Riverhead, has announced that he will be opening the Crooked Ladder Brewing Co. in Riverhead this June.

The beer will be brewed at the former Crystal Bar in Riverhead on West Main Street.

The new microbrewery is hotly anticipated, as are other microbreweries on the East End, including Moustache Brewing Co. and Montauk Brewing Co.

The American Brewers Association defines a “craft brewery” as “small, independent and traditional,” and gives a production size of less than 6 million US beer barrels a year and cannot be more than 24% owned by another alcoholic beverage company that is not itself a craft brewery

Most are anticipating that the Crooked Ladder Brewing Co. will offer a variety of beers from light beers to a heavy IPA, as well as various seasonal beers offered at different times of the year.

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