Dashiel Marder Is Reported Missing While Traveling In Indonesia

Dashiel Marder
Dashiel Marder

Truth be told, most Springs residents knew about Dashiel Marder being reported missing as early as Friday. I first received a text message about it from a friend of mine that I graduated high school with about it. “FYI, Dash Marder is missing in Indonesia. The consulate has contacted his family to let them know.”

Dashiel, as well as his brothers, were/are incredibly popular growing up in Springs. He’s one year younger than I am, and graduated East Hampton High School in the class of 2001. News that he had gone missing and that the consulate in Indonesia had contacted his family to let them know, was going to spread quickly.

Dash, who is brothers with Mica, Silas and Tucker Marder and who’s father is Charlie Marder, owner of Marders Landscaping in Bridgehampton, has developed a reputation for being a world adventurer. Just one glance at his Facebook page and you can quickly conclude that this guy is in the running for one day becoming “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” Countless spearfishing and adventure pictures of him in exotic locales flood the screen. He’s also an avid hunter. He’s basically the kind of guy that perfectly embodies what it means to have a passion for nature and the outdoors on the realist level humanly possible. His entire style and presence, screams out to you that he has a higher level relationship with the earth. The whole family is like that.

I knew Dash growing up. He’s as tough as nails. If there was a guy I’d want in a foxhole with me, Dash is on that list.

And I hope to God that he’s alright.

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