East End Art Toast!

pollock toast idafrosk
Jackson Pollock Toast by Ida Skivenes (idafrosk)

Instagram food artist and enthusiast Ida Skivenes (known as idafrosk) has put a little Hamptons flavor in her Art Toast Project. Based in OsloNorway, Skivenes has made toast to appear as famous works of art, including “Convergence” (1952) by Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol‘s famous banana.

“I believe that food should be fun, tasty and for the most part healthy,” Skivenes says on her “idafrosk” blog, also noting, “The majority of these pieces are not made in the customary 5 – 15 minutes in the morning but usually take at least 30 minutes to make, most often at weekends. They are not created with the main purpose of being easy to copy like most of the other Idafrosk creations but more with the goal of spreading the love of art.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if we see more East End masters on toast in the near future. Keep an eye on Skivenes and cross your fingers for Chuck Close, Willem de Kooning, John Chamberlain and Roy Lichtenstein, among other likely Hamptons greats.

Leave us a comment and tell us who you think Skivenes might next immortalize on toast!

Andy Warhol Toast idafrosk
Andy Warhol Toast by Ida Skivenes (idafrosk)

See more of the Art Toast Project and Skivenes‘ food art at idafrosk.blogspot.com

Or get her photos via instagram at instagram.com/idafrosk

For inquiries, email Skivenes at [email protected]

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