Starving Artists Listen Up! If You Want to Live the Artist Lifestyle on the North Fork for Free, Keep Reading…

Are you a poet and didn’t even know it? Musician? Painter? Writer? The North Fork wants to hear from you.

The William Steeple Davis Trust of Orient is now accepting applications for an artist-in-residence for the period of October 15, 2013 through October 1, 2014.  Applications are due by June 1.

I other words, if you send your art resume to this guy on the North Fork, you can live in art heaven for a year. This is quite literally living the dream for a lot of people on the East End.

The artist-in-residence program was established in 1976 under the will of Mr. Davis to “provide a temporary place of abode for persons of good character who are or have been actively engaged in cultural professions, particularly in the arts, and who are without adequate funds to provide for such accommodations.”  Past residents’ endeavors have included painting, photography, writing, sculpting, poetry and music.

The house and studio are in a quiet location within sight of Orient Harbor, within walking distance of public beaches. A car is not provided and due to the limitations of the small historic house, children and pets cannot be accommodated.  Smoking is prohibited in both the house and studio.

Inquiries from persons wishing further information about the residency should contact:  The William Steeple Davis Trust,  P.O. Box 371, Orient, NY 11957.

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