The Sloppy Tuna Stands Tunited in Montauk

The Sloppy Tuna truck
The Sloppy Tuna truck before vandals got to it last week. Facebook

Locals and visitors may be anxious to get ‘schloppy’ at the Tuna this summer, but the notorious Montauk establishment has bigger fish to fry.

Earlier this week, the oceanfront club’s iconic blue-green pickup truck fell victim to vandalism. And the Tuna, which has become famous for its marketing genius, is not taking the situation lightly.

The Sloppy Tuna is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for anyone that has information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the criminal in charge of this heinous crime,” General Manager Abby Monahan said. “In surveillance footage, a pickup truck appears to pull up in front of the Tuna, and the suspect is seen wearing a hooded sweatshirt, throwing paint thinner all over the truck and then driving away.” The incident occurred at approximately 4:20 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16.

Along with house little person Randy Montuna and weekly goldfish races, the truck is a vital part of the fabric of the Tuna. “At least 45 percent of our patrons take a picture with the truck,” says Monahan. The homepage of the Tuna‘s website even boasts “Ford in the front; Beach in the back; All-American bar.”

A police report has been filed, and anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact The Sloppy Tuna at 631-647-8000.

In other news, the Tuna is currently undergoing renovations to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Expect a completely rebuilt second floor, further capitalizing on the ocean views, and a retooled patio bar to afford more space for live entertainment when the club opens next month. “We’re all new and a little more swanky, but at heart…..just as sloppy,” the Tuna posted on its website,


Randy Montuna
Randy Montuna is on the case! Facebook
The Sloppy Tuna
The Sloppy Tuna, Facebook

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