Garnet (Passion)

Garnet stone
Photo: R. Tanaka

Because of its rich blood-like color, the garnet suggests a powerful influence in romantic love, sensuality and sexuality. It is also emblematic of spiritual awareness and compassion.

Therapists who believe in the power of gemstones use the garnet in counseling couples whose sexual chemistry has begun to wane. For meditation and ritual purposes, it is used primarily as a power stone, to enhance self-confidence and help to manifest personal and career goals. Garnet is highly versatile. It encourages the wearer to search for answers—and the answers that come as a result of this search will be helpful and important ones. Worn on a regular basis, the stone is believed to boost energy and stimulate romantic love.

Garnet’s message: Because it has a bold energy, the garnet makes a perfect amulet for someone whose confidence or self-esteem needs bolstering. Because of its vibrational warmth, it makes a good meditation stonefor security and intimacy.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

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