The Word Is that Hamptons Coffee Is Going to Start Selling Wine and Beer with That Latte

If somebody were to ask me what my idea of heaven is like, part of the description would have a place that I could go to at any time of day and order a piping hot cup of fresh, hand-roasted coffee, listen to music and enjoy a day’s paper. In my version of heaven however, I could also buy a high quality beer at such an establishment.

Hampton Coffee is going to make this place happen in the Hamptons.

According to the employees of Hampton Coffee, beer and wine is coming, and it’s coming soon, and I really like this idea for the company. Hampton Coffee is an ideal place to relax in the Hamptons, especially the operation that they run in Water Mill, so why not enjoy a light beer during the beachy hours of the day and sit outside? They even have a hammock over there, not good for a cup of Joe, but a glass of chardonnay is a different story.

I don’t foresee Hampton Coffee turning into a night spot or a place to party during the day, but I see it moving continuously to a place where people can really feel comfortable and relax. I see adding beer and winbe to their menu as an excellent addition to this local venture and I’m looking forward to what beer and wine offerings the owner has in store this summer.

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