To The Hamptons Moms Out There, I Salute You

You had the guts and the foresight to raise your kids on the East End because you thought they would enjoy it more than any other place. You put up with the nonsense when they seemed ungrateful for it. You figured out a way, somehow, to get them educated. You got them outside. You got them to play sports. You stayed up all night in worry when they were sick. You came up with the money to get them the cool lunch box, the cool outfit, the cool jacket and the cool everything else.

You made dinner an important time of the day. You picked them up at the beach. You made them learn how to swim. You gave them sunblock. You brought them lunch when they forgot it at home. You got pissed off at the school for not doing enough. You got pissed off at your kid/kids for not studying enough. You got them their favorite cereal. You bought vitamins and you have no idea if it makes a difference, but you did it anyway.

You changed diapers. Probably more than I can possibly imagine.

You avoided going completely insane. It’s impressive. I salute you.

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