100 Songs of Summer #76 “East End Run” by Nancy Atlas

Nancy Atlas
Nancy Atlas, nancyatlas.com

Today, the Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer Countdown keeps it local—and amazing—with East End favorite Nancy Atlas, who shares the top summer track from her extensive catalogue.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #76

“East End Run” by Nancy Atlas

One of Atlas’ fan favorites and a particularly personal song of hers, “East End Run” conjuring images of a Montauk from years past—a time perhaps almost gone but still loved and not forgotten—with lyrics like “there was an old dirt road with no telephones and at night it would get kinda still and I can still recall the sound of it all right down to the lone whippoorwill.”

Anyone who’s been on the East End will feel summertime washing over them and smell the sea air when this tune pours forth. “It’s about leaving it all behind. Ripping off the tie, punching out on the clock and what awaits you as you head Eastbound on the L.I.E.,” Atlas says. “No matter how much the East End changes, you can still find your special spots out here, especially in the summer. This song is a tip of the hat to a few of mine.”

Find more Nancy Atlas at nancyatlas.com.

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