Ask The Expert: Hot Yoga Takes A “Splash”

Summer is upon us and it’s time to head out of the studio and onto the water. Two amazing workouts are brought together this season, Stand Up Paddle Boarding & Yoga.  Imagine a yoga class with no walls, no ceiling, and no floor!  The scenery itself is reason enough to go.

Paddle Boarding is accessible to all and open to anyone looking to take their workout outdoors and to another level.  SUP provides a unique muscular challenge, training on an unstable surface keeping your core in constant state of work.  Studies have shown that over 85% of the muscles in the body are utilized while paddle boarding.

SUP provides a great cardio & core workout, Yoga just adds another dimension to the sport.  The boards are typically 10’ long and 3’ wide giving you great space to move, flow and practice.  Transitions are slow as you become aware of how you balance your body, a feeling you cannot get on solid ground or yoga mat.  A practice typically consists of a 10-15 min paddle warm-up, and then we anchor down in a calm place where we practice 30-40 min of yoga flow and finish with the best part, Savasana.  lying on your back, the water rocking you back and forth, the clouds passing by above, sun warming your skin.  You really can’t beat it.

The best part about SUP Yoga is taking your practice back out to nature.  Falling in the water is a fun part of the experience; you fall in, get a small laugh, increase those endomorphins (health increasing hormones) and continue on with your practice.   And let me emphasize “practice”, Yoga is a “practice”.  On the board you can let go of your expectations, your worries,  your judgments and just have fun again, that is of course what yoga is about, letting go and getting your mind into the heart center.

April Yakaboski

Owner of Aerial Fitness & Hot Yoga in Riverhead

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