Everybody Lost Their Mind at the Willie Nelson Concert Yesterday, but They Were Polite About it

Yesterday in Montauk there was no other word on the street except for Willie Nelson concert at The Surf Lodge. While there was a lot of fear that things would get out of hand, they were happily squashed as the crowds came by boat, car and feet, but for the most part, kept a happy and good vibe.

As the event progressed, parties started to spring up all over Montauk, with the entire town alive with energy, even with those people who did not attend. Willie Nelson infected the entire town with positive energy.

Surf Lodge owner Jayma Cardoso said the, “Traffic situation was a non-issue. We worked with the police department and they did so much to help monitor traffic. We also did a lot of work with cones and designating place for people to park.”

Even Montauk resident Jimmy Buffett showed up to the concert  to play, almost blessing the Surf Lodge which has been consistently been the subject of a lot of criticism for overcrowding over the years, as a place that can be called local. “We knew Jimmy was coming,” said Cardoso, “He’s attended shows in the past, we had hints that he might want to perform with WIllie, but we didn’t know that they were going to perform so many songs together. Willie and Jimmy really just connected, you’d have thought they had been practicing together, but it’s a case of just two incredible artists just making magic together.”


It was a sight to see all of the people on little boats who invaded the Surf Lodge like a small Navy, “I think they had more fun than anyone. They all tied up together. It was like a mini-community and you could feel they formed a bond on the water beyond tying up together. They were also avid Willie fans, they were singing along with all of his songs,” Mr. Cardoso said.

And it was all in the name of raising money locally. In regards to both the event itself and the fundraising that it provided. The event was enormously successful. “Huge success, we raised over $20,000 for the Montauk Playhouse. Giving back to the community is one of our top priorities. Also, just to have a legend like Willie Nelson play in Montauk and having the community and guests have a chance to experience a living legend perform, is something really special to me. I couldn’t be prouder that we were able to put a show like this together and I want to thank the Montauk Police and Fire Department in helping to make the event all come together and keeping everyone safe. I also hope guests still send donations to the Montauk Playhouse, it’s a chance to really help a great community organization that benefits Montauk. And, I can’t say enough about Willie and Jimmy it’s like witnessing history. Willie, is just one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever seen, his storytelling via his music is unbelievable,” Cardoso said.

According to police reports, there were no arrests that were related to the concert.

What a life it is out here. What a life.

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