Hugh Jackman’s “Prisoners” Trailer Released

Hugh Jackman in Prisoners
Hugh Jackman in Prisoners

Hamptons visitor Hugh Jackman is keeping busy this summer promoting his upcoming film The Wolverine, opening July 26, but it’s not the only movie he’s got on the horizon.

His next big picture Prisoners, directed by Denis Villeneuve, opens on September 20 and trailers are already making the rounds online.

The movie, also starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrance HowardViola Davis and Maria Bello is about every parent’s worst nightmare—the disappearance of a child—and Jackman’s onscreen character Keller Dover (no relation to Ben) is on the warpath to find his 6-year-old daughter. Gyllenhaal plays a cop (Detective Loki) who fails to find the kid himself, and he and Dover, a “small town carpenter,” clash over the failure before the distraught father decides to take the law into his own hands.

Dover’s daughter and her best friend are kidnapped on Thanksgiving, and after searching, his son mentions an old RV owned by Alex Jones (played by Paul Dano). With the failed police efforts fresh in his mind, Dover captures Jones, who he believes to be responsible, and holds him prisoner hoping to get a confession and the location of his girl. As he continues to push Jones, Dover falls into a darker and darker place, one from which his soul may never return. And he looks pretty nuts by the end, crazy beard, patchy hair and all.

Here’s the latest trailer.

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