Peter Barron, 14-Years-Old From East Hampton, Just Became A Professional Sailor

It’s a pretty good day when the United States of America decides to select you as their representative against the rest of the world to compete in professional sailing. That just happened to Peter Barron, a 14-year-old kid who goes to the East Hampton Middle School, the young lad will be sailing Optimist sailboats. Optimists one of the most popular sailing dinghies in the world, with over 150,000 boats officially registered with the class and many more built but never registered. Anybody who has ever learned how to sail has used one before. The Optimist is recognized as an International Class by the International Sailing Federation. The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the world governing body for the sport of sailing yacht racing.

So yeah, Peter is an Olympian.

Peter began sailing at the Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett, but his sailing career has already taken him around the world to compete. The Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett is a world class club that spawns out kids with a true passion for sailing, in the summer months. It’s arguably one of the most magical places to be in the world for sailing when your a kid.

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