A Random Moment I Had With Jennifer Lopez in Southampton Last Night at Tutto Il Giorno

Last night I went out for a light dinner at Tutto Il Giorno in Southampton. I sat at the bar with Joe Tortorella and Sally Gillies from Corcoran and the big topic of conversation, among other things, was the real estate market and how it has been roaring back this summer.

Tutto Il Giorno is a great little place in Southampton. I normally go to the one in Sag Harbor, but the one in Southampton is a hidden gem in the Hamptons.

Anyway, so we’re all talking at the bar and having a nice time as photos of Italian mobsters that hang on the wall stare at us, and out of nowhere, I start noticing that there is a group of girls in the back of the restaurant who keep coming out front, pace around the front door, then go back to their table. Their attitude seemed a little jumpy.

I went outside myself to get some air and stood by the door with my arms crossed, when suddenly a very delightful Italian guy wearing a hat said to me, “Are you doing security tonight for Ms. Lopez?”

I was flattered by the question, I don’t think of myself as a guy who looks like a security guard. “No that’s not me. But that’s always exciting when there is a celebrity at a restaurant. My name is David and I’m with Dan’s Papers.”

“Oh cool! I love Dan’s Papers.”

In his Italian charm, I learned that I was speaking with one of the quiet partners of the restaurant, and he went on and on about how much he loves the character Old Man McGumbus from the police blotter.

We drank some martinis together, then had an unbelievable avocado gaspacho soup and a grilled octopus entree. The night started to get away from us with all the laughter, and then it was time to leave and said our goodbyes.

As we were leaving the restaurant, almost at the exact same time, Jennifer Lopez, dressed in all white, arm in arm with her boyfriend Casper Smart, were leaving as well. They looked glamourous to me. I couldn’t believe how powerful of a presence they had. I got instantly charmed and said, “You guys look great,” and I received a JLo smile with a twinkle in her eye and a smile from Casper as well.

Then I went back home to my humble life as a local writer in a small town.

Only in the Hamptons, man. Only in the Hamptons.

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