Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #36 “River of Dreams” by Billy Joel

River of Dreams, by Billy Joel
River of Dreams, by Billy Joel

The Top 100 Songs of Summer Countdown continues on with mother nature beckoning to the call of August, we have finally approached a sweet river of happiness that never seems to end. But eventually it will, and when it does, the Lion will sleep tonight.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #36

“River of Dreams” by Billy Joel

In 1993, Billy Joel set fourth on a journey towards finding harmony with natures religion through music, and it was at that very moment that “River of Dreams” hit the radio. Lyrically set in a dream, the song creates a perfect cyclone of notes that manifests into something real while at the same time, hypnotizes you into philosophical madness. We all love it, and we all love our fellow Long Islander Billy Joel. And we’ve been in that dream, the very river of all dreams.

If you are blind, it doesn’t matter, because what you search for in the lyrics of his song can only be seen by the blind. It searches for truth, it searches for purpose, it’s fun to dance to while drunk on cold beer in the middle of the night before you go to bed, and it searches for religion. “River of Dreams” touches on all subjects, it speaks to the very question of soul that we all yearn to find, it’s a search that never ends, through a world that can seemingly be touched by Joel’s quest for meaning. By the end of listening to the song, if you haven’t found what your looking for, then you just have to listen to it again, and when you do, finding your way through the ocean of rivers in the dreams that surrounds us all, you’ll go walking into the middle of it, and it’s only there that real hope for all of mankind can be found, through a river, nay, a mountain of poetic inner truth that in some weird way, makes sense.


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