Top 100 Songs of Summer #56 “On the Loose” by Saga

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Photo: Ken Schafer

The Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown is keeping the party going all summer, and we’re doing it in every style and every flavor, from every era. Today, let’s party 80s style with a song that’s got all the trappings of that totally radical decade—keyboards and all.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #56

“On the Loose” by Saga

Almost “Rush-lite,” Saga also came from Canada and had some hits there, but this group only captured American audiences with “On the Loose” in 1983, two years after its release on the 1981 album Worlds Apart. The song is a quintessential 80s tune, perfect for spraying up your hair and donning a skinny tie while preparing for the evening ahead.

It’s easy to imagine Anthony Michael Hall as young Brian Johnson or “The Geek” listening and dancing before a night out, just as Judd Nelson’s rebellious John Bender does the same across the tracks. This tune is John Hughes, Bret Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney rolled into one. And just like their books and movies, it’s still a lot of fun, even decades later, and there’s no reason not to enjoy at least one summer night in the 80s spirit.

No one can stop you now

Tonight you’re on the loose

No one to tell you how

Tonight you’re on the loose

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