Hamptons Murphy’s Law: Cancel Beach Because Of Rain, Then It Never Rains

Yesterday in Sag Harbor, I had a great day of outdoor adventure planned. There was going to be friends, there was going to be sailing, there was going to be beaching it and there was going to be BBQs. All of this could have taken place yesterday, which was a beautiful day in the Hamptons, but because of the darn weatherman, all of it was canceled or screwed up.

It all starts with that horrible phrase that you hear on the radio or see on the television or read on your phone, “Chance of rain 60 percent.”

Why in the hell would you say something like that? Why can’t they just say, “We really aren’t sure if it’s gonna rain or not today, so take a gamble on the day if you are planning on doing something outside.” That would be a lot better in my opinion. Yesterday three separate people canceled commitments to go sailing, including myself, because I thought that it was going to rain. My fiance and I sat and stared at Pat Malloy’s massive Intuition yacht as mates on board began bringing furniture indoors and covering up tables with protective rain gear. And then it didn’t rain. Not one drop.

The same thing happened on Saturday, as well as last weekend.

Here’s a little message to the weathermen of the world out there, stop telling us it’s going to rain when it’s possible that it won’t. Take the chance and say that it won’t. Stop playing it safe. Think about it, what would you rather have happen? Be outdoors and get caught in a little rain shower or be indoors twiddling your thumbs and waiting for rain that never comes.

And here’s a little advice that I’ve learned through experience. Unless a hurricane is coming, just go to the freaking beach if they say there is a chance of showers. It almost never rains like they say it will.

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