Hamptons Police Blotter: Kid Loses Mom, Naked Drivers Everywhere and More Police News

This week in the Hamptons, luxury cars were a big issue, a young kid panicked and called the police, an old man was spotted driving naked, and a young woman did the same. It’s not easy out there.

A man in Sag Harbor was charged with biting another man’s hand and smashing his phone to pieces during a fight while driving. The man bitten did not catch rabies.

Shelter Island
Old Man McGumbus, 104 years old, President of the Shelter Island Blacksmith Association, inventor of camouflage underwear and World War II Medal of Honor recipient and Gulf War Medal of Honor Recipient, was arrested after police caught him driving his 1973 Oldsmobile with no clothes on. When pulled over, McGumbus explained he was nude because he had just left his girlfriend’s house and “needed to leave in a hurry because her husband came home.” He was released on his own

Bullets and Pot
A man in Montauk was arrested for operating a pot-growing operation after a bullet was found inside his neighbor’s pool. Police investigated the bullet hole and determined that the source was the adjacent home, then found the owner of that home growing pot plants throughout his property. He was arrested, and claimed that the reason he was firing his gun was to shoot at rabbits that were attracting foxes, which were scaring his dogs.

No Kidding
A little kid in East Hampton called police after he woke up from a nap and thought his parents had been kidnapped. It was later sorted out—his mother was outside on the porch.

A man driving an Audi at high speeds in East Hampton led police on a chase that became so dangerous they decided to call it off—the Audi was clocked traveling over 100 miles per hour during the pursuit. East Hampton Police contacted Sag Harbor Police when the Audi headed off in the direction of Sag Harbor. Sag Harbor police eventually found the Audi parked with the driver of the vehicle hiding in the back seat. He was

A brand new Mercedes-Benz was reported stolen in Westhampton. According to police, this is the fourth high-end vehicle to have been reported stolen in the area along Dune Road. The vehicle was taken from a driveway while the keys were still in it.

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