Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Psychic Intuition

Monte Farber
Monte Farber

When I do a psychic reading, I stop resisting, I relax to the point of going to a different state of being. I open my being up as much as I can, thereby decreasing my resistance to everything-happening-at-the-same-time, another word play for God/dess, the universe, reality, you name it, literally. That’s all we can do is name it, we can never truly understand it, no matter what some authors try and sell you about how they know with certainty about the divine realms.

My psychic abilities and yours are directly proportional to how much we are able to decrease our resistance to everything happening at the same time. The way I do this is fairly simple: I know it is possible that I can be open to the information that I seek for my clients and receive it because I’ve done it thousands of times, and so I relax and simply remember that it is possible that inside each of us is a beautiful search engine whose accuracy is dependent on our ability to believe it exists, to relax and let it work, and to have the unshakable bravery to report whatever information we receive back to ourselves and our clients (that’s our loved ones and friends, too, of course).

That’s all you have to do if you want to know the present, the future and the past. Each of us takes a step into the river and so we know the river we are standing in. But if you step into the river and listen to what it says when you ask it about the river it once was, and the river it will be, it will answer. But you have to stand still, ask and listen with respect.

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