“The Mermaid Coast” by Hamptons Author Robert Woolcott Promises Big Thrills

The Mermaid Coast by Robert Woolcott
The Mermaid Coast by Robert Woolcott

East Hampton author Robert Woolcott’s new novel The Mermaid Coast is scheduled for release on Sunday, July 28 and it could be a real page-turner for the Hamptons crowd—both locals and summer visitors.

Solicited with the tagline, “The summer crowds have descended on the playground of the rich, where no one is prepared for what arrives next…,” Woolcott’s book incorporates loads of Hamptons history, locations and flavor while telling the tale of “laid-back local” Alec Costner, who goes on a journey from the Hamptons to England and “the dark recesses of history itself” in his effort to solve a unique mystery.

Costner is propelled into his adventure during a typical late-night visit to his favorite East Hampton beach. While there, he hears screams coming from an oceanfront mansion, and a moment later sees a naked woman plunge into the waves. Trying to save her, Costner watches in disbelief as two other women suddenly surface in the dark sea, taking the naked woman with them.

At the mansion where the screams originated, he finds a dead millionaire with his neck twisted and broken. Within days, a scientist arrives, intent on finding evidence proving the existence of mermaids, and strange and terrifying encounters are soon documented.

As the fun and suspenseful story continues to unfold, men begin to disappear—it seems the lure of the siren’s song is as lethal as ever.

When he’s not weaving tales of mystery and suspense, Woolcott runs his local business, By Appointment Hamptons LLC, caring for celebrity homes in the Hamptons and high-profile clientele.

Woolcott and his family live in East Hampton year-round. He is aiming to host a book party and signing at c/o the Maidstone hotel in East Hampton the week of August 5, so keep an eye out for more details.

The Mermaid Coast will be released by Shanty Publishing, a small local imprint. To find out more, visit shantypublishing.com or themermaidcoast.com.

To buy a copy, visit your local bookseller or Amazon.com.

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