The Real Reason I’m Excited About My Sister From San Francisco Is Visiting East Hampton

My sister Maya from San Francisco is coming out for a visit this week with her two kids and her husband. Normally, I’m excited about seeing her because when she comes to town, she organizes a ridiculous amount of fun things to do. There are beach fires, there are brunches and there are ice cream outings with my niece and nephew who are around 9 and 12 years old.

This year however, I’m excited that she is going to be out here for one main reason, and that reason is because my nephew Rhone is apparently really good at baseball, and I need to get some practice in for the upcoming Artists vs Writers game in August.

My nephew Rhone, according to the rumors, is one of those kids who simply shines on the baseball field. He certainly didn’t get it from our side of the family. He’s the best on his team, he does it all, he hits, he throws, he’s fast, he’s a smart player and his uncle is in some desperate need of practice. I bought him a baseball glove last Christmas, and I love getting the news back from Maya about a game he played in.

Rhone, Maya, Solange and Kevin will be home in East Hampton by this evening, and by tomorrow, I’ll hopefully be getting some tips.

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