Video: The Coolest Tradition in the Hamptons Is Drumming at Sagg Main Beach

Drumming at Sagg Main
Photo: David Rattiner

It’s been going on for years now, every Monday night a group of beach goers get together at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack and drum the night away on everything from bongos to snare drums. The event has become a tradition in the Hamptons, there is never a plan, there is no fee, it literally started out with a bunch of guys from the “Bastards of Boom” band years ago, and the tradition continues to live on.

The event is kid friendly, with parents bringing their kids and families down to the beach to enjoy the sunset and the sounds of Brazilian Samba at the beach. The drumming is widely attended by locals and tourists alike and you can’t help but notice that even the police and traffic cops who head down there to keep order aren’t smiling while it’s taking place.

This kind of random and exciting activity that happens out of the blue and suddenly becomes a tradition is not rare on the East End. Everything from the sailboat races in Sag Harbor, to the Artist’s vs. Writers game all just sort of happen out here, and it’s because crowds of people on the East End are usually looking for one thing, a good time.

Here’s a short video of the drumming last night.

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