What’s the Perfect Hamptons Summer Cocktail?

TijuanaTonic, from La Brisa de Tacombi
TijuanaTonic, from La Brisa de Tacombi, Facebook

With heat like this, sometimes the only relief is a tall, cool drink over ice with just the right balance of flavor and freshness.

Lucky for us, the Hamptons has no shortage of quality mixologists or restaurants and bars to peddle these magical creations. So what’s your favorite? Is it simple, like an ice cold can of Coors Light; popular, like a perfect margarita at La Superica; or do your tastes learn toward the more unique and exclusive, like the Maidstone Club’s infamous “Maidstone” cocktail–sprig of mint and all?

Tell us all about it in the comments below and we’ll compile a list of your favorites for a future post.

To get things started, here’s Montauk taco joint La Brisa de Tacombi‘s brand new drink (pictured above), which they just shared on Facebook this Friday.

The Tijuana Tonic: Featuring natural tonic, lime and mezcal reposado. “A perfect complement to tacos & sunsets.”

What’s your ultimate Hamptons summer cocktail?

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