Zombies Invade the Hamptons—Will You Join the Horde?

Zombie Sag Harbor

Hamptons prepare—a zombie invasion is coming!

No one knows when or where, but all citizens have a choice: join the horde or be left an unsuspecting and terrified bystander.

A local Sag Harbor artist is seeking volunteers for what he’s calling “anti-Hamptons” performance art featuring a flash mob of zombies in one of our local South Fork villages.

Asking to be called only by his first name, “Peter,” for this event, the artist says he wants a large group of people to dress like zombies and shamble through town on the way to a local gallery or art show. Peter explains the event would be much like a scene from films The Dead or Night of the Living Dead as the zombies play their parts and scare onlookers or make people laugh as they pass.

“I’d handle the photography,” he says, adding that similar “zombie walks” have occurred in Toronto and numerous other cities in the United States and around the world. Volunteers must dress up, but he will compensate participants with photo portraits. “Sick of the Sun, sick of all of the tan models, sick of the beach?” Peter asks. “Be a part of a one-time event that might just blow your mind!”

The artist is looking to make this unique and fun Hamptons event happen soon, so anyone interested in being part of it should immediately contact Peter via email here.

To get an idea of what a zombie walk looks like, check out the video of The Zombie Walk Chile from 2012, which gathered more than 12,000 living dead in South America.

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