Now That’s How You Celebrate 20 Years In Business Ocean Electric

Jeff DiLandro at the grill
Jeff DiLandro at the grill. Credit: David Rattiner

Jeff DiLandro, the owner of Ocean Electric in Southampton and our neighbor here at Dan’s Papers and, was on the grill yesterday feeding an entire crew of electricians in blue shirts hot dogs and hamburgers. Mr. DiLandro was celebrating 20-years of being in business at Ocean Electric.

I got to admit it, the man makes a damn fine cheeseburger.

The BBQ party was taking place just across the parking lot, and I couldn’t help myself but mosey on over to the party to see if I could get my hands on a burger. Jeff noticed me, immediately introduced himself and said, “Can I offer you a burger? There’s plenty.”

About thirty people were eating burgers and hanging around the office outside under the sun, and everybody looked happy and relaxed. “What are you doing this for?” I asked.

“Well we’ve been in business for 20-years as of today. So I figured a little summer BBQ is in order.”

Not a bad way to celebrate. Congratulations, and here’s to another 20 years.

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