Dan’s Papers Kite Fly Is Today. Bring Your Kids and Create a Lifetime Memory

I will say this about the Dan’s Papers Kite Fly that takes place today at Sagg Main Beach in Sagaponack—it is a powerful event to go to when you are a kid.

I remember going to the kite fly as a ten-year-old like it was yesterday. I remember pulling up to the beach as hundreds of kites were flying in the air and it being this magical experience. I can remember looking out the window of my dad’s old Volkswagon van and being just completely dazzled.

My memory of seeing so many kites in the air at one time is as clear as seeing the monorail system at Walt Disney World for the first time. It simply blows your mind when you’re a kid. The kite fly is great.

The kite fly really is the ultimate family event in the Hamptons. Every year, there is always somebody who shows up with the coolest kite you’ve ever seen in your life. I can remember when stunt kites started to come into fashion and guys would show up at the beach with these radical kites that require two hands to fly. Then there are the creative types who show up with some far-out example of a kite, like a massive cutout of the globe flying in the sky thanks to a bunch of balloons holding it up. Then, of course, there are the technical types who will complain that, technically, a kite being held up by balloons is technically not a kite, and thhe’ll have a dictionary handy to prove it. Then there are the entertainers who descend onto the beach who will juggle fire or play music or paint faces. It’s simply a joy.

If you get a chance, head down to the 41st Annual Dan’s Papers Kite Fly today, starting at 5:30 at Sagg Main Beach. Judging in various kite categories wil begin around 6 p.m.

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