BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Lopez Takes Photo of Her Abs

Jennifer Lopez shows off her abs on Instagram
Jennifer Lopez shows off her abs on Instagram

The internet was abuzz on Thursday, September 26 after Water Mill resident and pop star Jennifer Lopez posted photos of herself wearing a cropped denim ensemble that showed off her rock-hard and flat abs. Her stylist Rob Zangardi posted a pic of Lopez’s abs on Instagram with the question “GUESS WHO?” and JLo reposted it, news sites report.

Word that Lopez posted a photo of herself circulated online via worldwide media outlets, including E! Online, The Huffington Post news website, the International Business Times, Britain’s The Daily Mail newspaper site, Hollywood Life and, to name a few.

Reporting on the fact that Lopez posted a photo of herself on Instagram, the various news and entertainment sites made several astute observations about the images and Jlo’s cryptic message, “#idolfashion.”

E! Online, for example, notes that Lopez’s caption was likely “an indicator that the returning American Idol judge was back in the saddle for the ongoing season 13 audition process.” The site’s sleuths were even able to ascertain where Lopez shot the pictures, pointing out that “judging by the tiled walls and floor around her, it appears that this inpromptu photo session occurred in a bathroom.” E! Online also notes, “though an Instagram filter may have been utilized, it’s still probably safe to assume that J.Lo looks better under fluorescent lights than everybody, ever.”

South O’ the Highway agrees. Lopez is indeed the best looking person in the world under fluorescent lights—ever.

The Daily Mail noticed that this isn’t the first time JLo rocked such a look. “At the VMAs in New York City in 2000, when she was dating Puff Daddy, she sported a slightly similar ensemble, but in all white with a white bandana wrapped around her head. Interestingly, she wore similar rings but her hair was more styled with braids and curls,” the site reports.

Since Thursday, fans around the world have posted more than 1,200 comments and “liked” the pictures some 45,000 times.

We’ll post more updates as this developing story unfolds.

Jennifer Lopez on Instagram
Jennifer Lopez on Instagram

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