Howard Stern and Robin Quivers Discuss Cancer Scare

Howard Stern praying for Robin Quivers' recovery.
Howard Stern praying for Robin Quivers’ recovery,

Hamptons resident, shock jock and America’s Got Talent host Howard Stern and Sirius XM co-host Robin Quivers had a touching on-air heart-to-heart after Quivers revealed her battle with cancer to listeners on Monday.

Quivers explained that treatment for a “grapefruit-sized tumor” in her uterus—including chemotherapy and radiation—had been the reason for her absence from the show since the middle of last year. She recalled Stern’s reaction to the news, and the likelihood that the cancer would cut her life short.

“Before that conversation was over, I realized how much I meant to you,” Quivers told Stern, adding, “I started to consider living in ways I never thought I would because you loved me so much.”

Stern admitted that he feared the worst and he began preparing himself for the loss. If Quivers had died, Stern said he wouldn’t be able to continue hosting his radio show without her. “She was my backbone,” he said, pointing out that Quivers gave him courage at crucial moments when his own resolve had faltered. Where I would lose courage, Robin always had the courage,” he said. “She always is the brave one, Stern said. “I could always rely on her.”

Thankfully for Quivers, Stern and their legions of dedicated fans and listeners, she got a better prognosis from new doctors—Dr. Carol Aghajanian at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dr. David Agus from UCLA—who said they weren’t trying to “prolong” her life. They were looking for a cure.

The doctors removed Quivers’ tumor during a 12-hour surgery, and for now she appears to be on the mend.

Perhaps Stern will bring Quivers out to his and wife Beth Ostrosky Stern‘s Southampton home for some R&R in the off-season. After all, September is one of the finest months in the Hamptons.

Hear Stern’s reaction to Quivers’ cancer story below.

In related news, Stern was looking dangerously thin during an appearance at the La Palestra Kids Benefit 2013 in Wainscott’s East Hampton Studios last month. Let’s pray he’s taking diet and exercise to extremes and no health issue is present.

Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern
Howard Stern, looking dangerously thin, with wife Beth Ostrosky Stern at La Palestra Kids Benefit 2013, Photo: Tina Guiomar

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