Victoria Grayson Averts Disaster Around the Hamptons

Victoria Grayson
Victoria Grayson, ABC

Victoria Grayson was seen in the Hamptons on five different occasions over the weekend.

The philanthropist and model citizen enjoyed cocktails with friend Miffy Wednesday at 75 Main on Saturday, but a squabble erupted between them, and the women left before finishing their drinks, onlookers said. Grayson was heard declining to cover the bill, screaming, “You’ll pay for this!” to her unappreciative pal. A short time later, Wednesday was accidentally struck by black sports utility vehicle on Main Street and has been hospitalized since.

On Saturday evening, Grayson attended Tucker Smythe‘s sunset soiree in Water Mill. She recently lost a heated bidding war with Smythe over a small tract of land in Sagaponack, so “Victoria dropped by to bury the hatchet and attend the soiree,” one guest said. “She’s just really lucky she left before everyone got sick.” Shortly after Grayson made her exit, Smythe’s party devolved into bedlam, as nearly every visitor began vomiting all over his home and expansive grounds. “It must have been the shrimp,” the guest remarked. “I mean, three separate people projectile vomited on his Pollock and the surface of his pool was covered,” she said. “It looked like an infinity pool of barf.”

Grayson seemed to avert disaster at every turn over the weekend. In the wee hours of Sunday morning, a North Sea man said she and two members of the Grayson security detail dumped a large rolled up carpet, about 6 feet wide, into Scallop Pond. “She must have stained it or something,” the man said. “She shouldn’t have dumped it like that, but the thing sunk deep into the mud, so it’ll never be seen again.”

Later on Sunday, presumably after she got some sleep, Grayson played some indoor tennis at the Ross School in East Hampton. “She lost 2-1 to her daughter Charlotte,” Grayson’s coach said. Not an hour later, the youngest Grayson was seen rushing her teacup pomeranian, Mike, to the nearby Veterinary Clinic of East Hampton on Goodfriend Drive.

Finally, several locals said Grayson dropped by their yard sales on Sunday and then had a beer at Wolfies. “She’s a regular on the circuit,” explained an enthusiastic yard-saler on Fort Pond Boulevard in Springs. “She’s here all the time.”

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