Hamptons Spelling and Grammar: Sagaponack

Sagaponack spelling
It is "Sagaponack" with a "k."

Sagaponack is one name in the Hamptons that does not get botched that often—the way Water Mill, West Hampton Dunes and Southampton do.

However, there is always an exception to keep in mind. In Sagaponack’s case, it is the modern architecture real estate development Houses at Sagaponac. The developers decided to forego the “k.”

Sagaponack is the name of both a village, which was incorporated in 2005 and often listed as the most expensive small town real estate market in the U.S., and an unincorporated hamlet. The hamlet is sometimes referred to as Sagaponack North to distinguish it from the village and note that the area is north of Montauk Highway.

Sagaponack Village Hall.
Sagaponack Village Hall. Photo credit: Americasroof/Wikipedia

One of the tricky things to remember about the name Sagaponack is how it is abbreviated. Sagaponack Road (north of Montauk Highway) and Sagaponack Main Street (south of the highway) are often called just Sagg Road and Sagg Main Street. The ocean beach they lead too should always be called just Sagg Main Beach, and the local nature preserve should always be referred to as Sagg Swamp.

Why abbreviate Sagaponack with an extra “g”? It avoids confusion with Sag Harbor, which is to the north of Sagaponack.

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