Peconic Escargot Undeterred After Kickstarter Falls Short

Peconic Escargot plans a snail farm in Cutchogue. Photo credit: Katelyn Luce
Peconic Escargot plans a snail farm in Cutchogue. Photo credit: Katelyn Luce

Peconic Escargot, a startup that aims to establish an escargot farm on the North Fork, is meeting with investors to bring its plan to fruition after a campaign using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter failed to meet its goal.

Founders Taylor Knapp and Sean Nethercott had aimed to raise $35,000, but by the October 1 deadline pledges to Peconic Escargot only amounted to $10,740. The way Kickstarter is designed, if the goal is not met the campaign receives none of the money and the backers do not pay anything.

As of right now we’re working with a few people who have expressed interest as far as being private investors,” Nethercott said during a recent interview.

He said they have also met with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure their plan is in line with regulation, though they need to build their greenhouse before they can get final approval.

Peconic Escargot would be the first East Coast snail farm, providing fresh packed escargot, rather than canned snails.

Knapp, the Johnson & Wales-trained chef of First and South in Greenport, and Nethercott, of Southold, plan to sign a land lease with the Peconic Land Trust soon, as part of the trust’s Farm Incubator Program. The land is behind the Peconic Land Trust office in Cutchogue. Nethercott said that not only will the trust provide affordable agricultural property, but resources, as well, to get Peconic Escargot started.

Their website,, is currently centered on the Kickstarter campaign, but Nethercott said it will be retuned to meet their current needs.

Taylor Knapp and Sean Nethercott.
Taylor Knapp and Sean Nethercott, Photo: Katelyn Luce

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