Derwood Hodgegrass Hosts Casino and Furry Parties in the Hamptons

Furries at Hodgegrass Mansion
Furries at Hodgegrass Mansion, Photos: Kiwi Kigurumi with Winfoxi, Tambako the Jaguar Flickr

Derwood Hodgegrass took a break from his burgeoning art career and showed the Hamptons how to party on Halloween and Election Night this week.

In classic Hodgegrass fashion, the Southampton billionaire pulled out all the stops and brought in hundreds of revelers for both events, including a “Furry Fandom Fiesta” on Halloween and an “Election in Monaco” casino party in honor of the New York State gambling referendum, which was approved Tuesday night. No guest was admitted to either party without being in costume and Hodgegrass’ Election Night invitation strongly suggested that any friend of his would vote yes to expand gambling in the state.

“It was totally mental,” an anonymous staffer said, recalling Hodgegrass’ debauched Halloween party. “All these freaks were dressed in fluffy mascot outfits or body paint with animal ears and tails—and not much else.”

In a handwritten letter delivered to South O’ the Highway on Monday, Hodgegrass explained:

Halloween is a time for free expression. Once a year we don costumes and masks, and take on new identities—the furry subculture is all about this, but in a very specific way. I am open to all forms of loving, and while this is not my first choice, it was worth exploring. I am a man who commits fully to any and all endeavors, be it my recent turn as a painter or this little corner of the sci-fi fetish world. Every self-respecting furry fan and plushie in the world was at Hodgegrass Mansion for my Furry Fandom Fiesta (or Triple F) on Thursday, and I can tell you, it was a sight to behold. -DH

The online furry fandom message boards and chat rooms were aflutter for weeks leading up to the party, and some members of the quirky, anthropomorphized animal costume community said Hodgegrass paid their way to the Hamptons, but only after reviewing photos and descriptions of their fuzzy alter egos. “This was the ultimate pilgrimage for those of us in the lifestyle,” FurInYoMouth69 remarked in one online message board, adding, “It was a writhing, bouncing sea of yiffers and I wished it would never end. Growlf!”

Hodgegrass’ Triple F party continued through the weekend and became even more depraved after many guests spent 48 hours or more in their increasingly sweat-drenched and soiled costumes, but the eccentric host finally cleared everyone out on Sunday afternoon, in order to prepare for an entirely different kind of soiree.

On Tuesday, Hodgegrass Mansion was spic and span, and dressed like a luxurious Monaco casino, straight out of a James Bond film. Instead of fringe-dwelling deviants, the guest list featured a who’s who of New York’s rich, famous and powerful. Various table games, each with a professional dealer, were set up inside the mansion and on the grounds, while election results were projected on large movie screens or played on flatscreens so no one would miss a moment of the 24-hour news coverage.

Hodgegrass said all proceeds from his one-night casino would go toward his quietly growing anti-piping plover lobby, which aims to “stop this annoying and inconvenient protection of a few stupid birds” each year. “I want all of my beach, all of the time,” the billionaire said. “Is that too much to ask?” Hodgegrass noted that he hopes to have a referendum against protecting the birds on the ballot by the next election cycle.

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