Plaid Flannel Shirt: An Ode to Comfort in the Tune of “Red Solo Cup”

I Heart Plaid Flannel
Kelly loves her plaid flannel shirt, Photo: Ewan Munro

“Red Solo Cup,” Toby Keith’s ode to the favorite chalice of drunken college students and beer pong players nationwide, is a bona fide hit. Not too long out of college, Dan’s Papers Sections Editor and “Keep Fit” columnist Kelly Laffey knows the song (and red cups) well—but her heart is set on something softer.

Below is Kelly’s rewrite of the lyrics to “Red Solo Cup” in celebration of her very first “Plaid Flannel Shirt.” (She clearly did NOT come of age in the 1990s.)


I recently purchased my first plaid flannel shirt, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how incredibly comfortable it is. In an ode to what is definitely my new favorite clothing item, perfect for both daytime and evening, a song:

Plaid Flannel Shirt
Play video below to hear Keith’s tune and read the original lyrics

Now a plaid flannel shirt is the best winter fashion
For daytime, nighttime and potato mashin’
And you sir do not have a care or passion
If you prefer a tight-fitted shirt

A plaid flannel shirt is comfy and worn
And in 14 years it’s OK if it’s torn
Very forgiving, that’s the way it was born
There’s room to eat more dessert, Woo!

Plaid flannel shirt, I put you on
Let’s have a party! Let’s have a party!
I love you plaid flannel shirt, I button up
Proceed to party! Proceed to party!

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