Revenge Season 3 Poll: Who Shot Emily Thorne?

Who Shot Emily Thorne? With JR Ewing
Who do you think did it? Graphic: Oliver Peterson

Revenge may be on a short hiatus, but when it returns in December we’ll (hopefully) learn the answer to the question everyone’s been asking since the Season 3 premiere:

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There’s a huge list of suspects, and the reveal is rumored to be jaw-dropping. So here’s a quick rundown of the most likely suspects:

Victoria: Emily is planning to frame Victoria for her murder on her wedding day, but what if Victoria has plans of her own for the scheming bride? And Victoria has killed before. Remember last year’s Initiative baddie Helen Crowley?

Daniel: The dimwitted groom is rapidly falling back in love with his ex-girlfriend, Sara, and if he finds out what Emily’s really been up to, he could take matters into his own hands. And we know he’s good with a gun (just ask Tyler and Aiden).

Charlotte: Southampton’s bitchiest heiress has made it quite clear that she doesn’t approve of Emily, and while she’s never done anything truly evil, she is a Grayson. With a history of instability, we wouldn’t put it past her.

Aiden: Emily’s secret boyfriend Aiden is helping her frame Victoria, so maybe he’ll be the one to pull the trigger, which would mean the shooting is planned. But as we know, Emily’s plots and schemes rarely go according to plan.

Patrick: Victoria’s long-lost son was forced to cut his stay in the Hamptons short after trying to kill his step-daddy Conrad. This fiercely loyal hunk already dislikes Emily, and if he discovers Emily’s vendetta, there’s no telling what he might do.

Lydia: The wildcard. We don’t know what the back-from-the-dead vixen has planned, but Emily is responsible for ruining her life (and ultimately, nearly ending it). We wouldn’t be surprised if Lydia sneaks aboard the yacht for some revenge of her own.

Someone Else: Revenge is always full of surprises, so there’s no shortage of possible shooters on the cast — both past and present. Could Margaux pull the trigger? What about Emily’s pal and partner in crime Nolan? Perhaps Jack is more jealous than he appears? Or maybe another long-dead character will return, alive after all, with gun in hand? Imagine the possibilities: Takeda, Fauxmanda Clarke, Ashley, crazy Tyler, sweet Sara, or—the biggest shocker of all—Emily’s long dead father David Clarke!

Tell us: Who shot Emily Thorne?

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