AgeFocus: Always on the Cutting Edge

Dr. Juan J Gargiulo, Medical Director of AgeFocus, and Anthony F Ferrara, Exercise Physiologist and Athletic Trainer, welcome the public to an Open House of their facilities.
Dr. Juan J Gargiulo, the medical director of AgeFocus, and Anthony F Ferrara, the exercise physiologist and athletic trainer. Photo credit: Jennifer Meihofer

AgeFocus is a leading medical practice located in Southampton, specializing in age management medicine. We spoke with Anthony F. Ferrara, B.S., ACSM-CPT, IFA-CFI, senior instructor, and sports nutritionist certified, to find out more about the cutting edge treatments available.

Can you tell us about some of your newest treatments?
We opened a MedSpa in July so several of those treatments are new. We offer a full menu of massages, facials and body wraps using marine-based products, chemical peels, cosmetic injections, body contouring and skin rejuvenation. Clients also love the Hydrafacial, which resurfaces and hydrates your skin giving results in less than a half-hour with no downtime.

What are your most popular treatments?
One of our most popular treatments is Venus Freeze, a non-invasive procedure that helps with skin tightening by stimulating collagen on a deep level and with cellulite reduction.

What is the demographic for of your clients?
Our clients range in age from teenagers to seniors and come from all over.

What do you offer in terms of weight loss and how is it different from what’s out here?
AgeFocus’ medically supervised weight loss programs are based on an extensive initial evaluation using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that allows us to precisely understand your body and match it to your weight loss needs. We use proven research to help create an individualized plan to achieve your goal. The programs help you lose body fat while preserving your lean muscle mass within a specific time frame. Our programs differ from others in what we offer above, as well as before/after measurements, pictures and DEXA body composition scans (one of the more accurate methods of measuring body composition available), RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) test, physician, exercise physiologist and nutritionist evaluations and treatment recommendations, FDA-approved medical foods, medical-grade supplementation and weekly follow-ups. This all combines to form the most successful weight loss programs around.

Can you tell us about Dr. Juan Gargiulo?
He’s the medical director here and devotes his practice to preventative medicine, hormone replacement therapy and customized nutrition and fitness programs. A bio-identical hormone expert, he has a primary interest in hormone therapy, fitness and nutrition to keep the body in optimal shape. He also has the unique ability to discuss the AgeFocus Age Management program from his own experience as a patient. Dr. Gargiulo exercises daily, follows a prudent low stress/nontoxic lifestyle, eats a healthy low-glycemic diet with appropriate supplementation and has reaped the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for years. He has been named Top Doctor in both the New York Metro Area and Long Island and he’s board certified in both anesthesiology and pain management. He oversees the programs at AgeFocus and MedSpa at AgeFocus and performs several of the cosmetic treatments himself.

What does your detox program entail?
Our medical staff has designed a detox program to enhance mind, body and overall health by removing toxins and poisons that may be harmful to your well-being. Our team of specialists will determine your level of toxicity and pollution exposure through medical testing and provide you with a customized detox plan consisting of supplements and a clean diet to enhance the process without exposing your body to additional poisons. Afterward, your mind will feel cleared, you’ll experience energy, improved digestion and sleep patterns, and you will have restored optimal health to your body.

What do you offer in terms of anti-aging?
We offer a variety of anti-aging treatments such as a non-ablative fractional laser to resurface skin and promote collagen, Venus Freeze to aid in skin tightening, and our Ocean & Oxygen Signature Facial for cell renewal. Other great age defying treatments include Hydrafacial, photo rejuvenation and chemical peels. Along with our treatments we sell marine-based products for a good skincare regime, and medical-grade supplements to help you “Look, Feel, & Act Younger.”

Martha Mauro staff Aesthetician demonstrates the smoothing effects of glycolic peel treatment
Martha Mauro, a staff aesthetician, demonstrates the smoothing effects of glycolic peel treatment. Photo credit: Jennifer Meihofer

What should someone who’s unsure of what treatment is best do?
They can come in for a general consultation. If they are unsure of what treatment or program is best for them, they can call the office directly at 631-243-3628 to make an appointment for a free evaluation.

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