Revenge Season 3: Where We Are So Far

Who shot Emily Thorne? Find out Sunday!
Who shot Emily Thorne? Find out Sunday!

This Sunday, December 15, the Revenge winter finale will reveal the question that has had viewers guessing since September: Who shot Emily Thorne? In case you’re behind, here’s a quick and easy, point-by-point primer for what you’ve missed (check out our recaps for all the deets!) in Season 3.

The season begins in August, with Emily, in a beautiful wedding dress, apologizing to a mystery character, getting shot and falling into the ocean!

Emily and Daniel are engaged to be married on August 8, a date which is a nod to the “double infinity” carving that her father drew on her porch. Jack, who knows that Emily is really Amanda Clarke, has given Emily an ultimatum to finish her revenge plans by the end of the summer or he’ll expose her.

Daniel is financing a new magazine, Voulez, which is run by family friend Margaux LeMarchal. After Daniel rejects Margaux’s advances, the French beauty starts a relationship with Jack, who has just begun to move on from losing late wife “Amanda” (or Fauxmanda, as we like to call her).

Emily and Aiden fudge some tests and drug Conrad to make it look like he’s suffering from fatal Huntington’s disease. After taking down Paul Whitley, Emily feels remorse when she realizes he has found god and wants to repent for what he’s done to her father. Paul says he’ll try to convince Conrad to confess to his crimes before his death.

Victoria spends the summer getting to know her long-lost son, Patrick Osbourne, who begins a relationship with Nolan. In an attempt to make Victoria’s life better, Patrick cuts the brakes on Conrad’s car and the fiery crash that follows kills Paul and leaves Conrad with a new lease on life — and an updated test that shows he isn’t dying after all. Victoria helps Patrick flee the Hamptons after Conrad finds out he was behind the crash.

Charlotte, back from Europe after the trauma from Declan’s death caused her to miscarry, realizes Emily isn’t as sweet and sincere as she thought, so she manipulates Daniel into connecting with his first love, Sara Munello, who was seriously injured due to Daniel’s drunk driving years earlier. Daniel and Sara declare their love, and in a desperate attempt to stop the affair, Emily announces she’s pregnant!

While investigating Conrad’s shady dealings, Margaux discovers that his mistress Lydia Davis, long thought dead, is alive and well. Lydia returns to the Hamptons and finds a photo of Emily as a waitress at the Grayson New Year’s Eve party from 10 years ago!

Aiden proposes to Emily, who accepts, but their plans hit a snag. Emily’s master plan — to frame Victoria for her murder on her wedding day — is in jeopardy, as Victoria announces that she won’t be attending the wedding.

Is Emily’s shooting all part of the plan? Will Lydia be able to expose Emily? Will Sara and Daniel find a way to be together? Will Patrick return? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered this Sunday. Make sure to check our Season 3, Episode 10 Hamptons Revenge recap on Monday!

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